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Our Services

Specializing in the following services with the goal to achieve quality and lasting solutions.

1. Zoom Licensing Services

2. Zoom Webinar Services

  1. Objectives
  2. Propose plan
  3. Quote
  4. Licensing if necessary.
  5. Scheduling Webinar
  6. Equipment Setup
  7. Dry Run of the Webinar
  8. Hosting the Webinar on event date.
  9. Reports

3. Zoom Rooms Services


We listen, take a comprehensive brief from our

customers to provide a design best for their

projects. We hope you will be impressed with

our ideas, strategies and feel comfortable about

working with us as a partner.

Project Management

At Afatrading we work closely with the main contractor, engineer and sub-contractors from other companies to ensure smooth integration of our audio visual and video conferencing equipment with core infrastructure.

System Installation

We specialize in the installations of audio visual solutions and video conferencing equipment. We have a team of qualified of highly skilled engineers and technicians who are experienced in delivering high quality installations works.


Once a system has been installed, we offer a configuration services for the equipment installed by us and any other which require our services.

After Sales Report

All our products are covered by comprehensive guarantees and immaculate after sales services. We offer our clients 24 months warranty and sign annual Maintenance Contract for servicing the equipment from there on.

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