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We Can Transform Your Traditional Meeting Room Into A Powerful All-In-One Video Conferencing, Wireless Presentation & Advertising Room In Just Two Hours With Our Solution Without Interfering With Your Current Set Up At Your Workplaces... Guaranteed!

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Best Enterprise Project Award for Video Collaboration by Logitech for West and East Africa

Best Zoom Partner of the Year Award for Africa – 2021

Best Zoom Partner of the Year Award for Africa – 2022

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Upgrade Your Meetings and Transform Your Business Today!

Academic Excellence: Revolutionized 2 Meeting Rooms at the University of Nairobi.

Elevating Innovation: Redefined 1 Meeting Room at Emerge Africa

Revolutionizing Collaboration: Enhanced Over 50 Meeting Rooms at East African Breweries Limited!

Empowering Education: Transformed 4 Meeting Rooms at Umma University


I Help Businesses And Organizations Teams To Transform Their Traditional Meeting rooms Into Powerful Collaboration Room In Just 2 Hours Without Any Disruptions To Their Existing Setups At Their workplace…Guaranteed.

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Discover the transformational journey of businesses like yours as we showcase our successful project completions. See how we’ve turned ordinary meeting spaces into innovative hubs where productivity soars and collaboration thrives. Join our success stories and take the next step toward elevating your meeting room, positioning yourself among the top 1% in workspace transformation. Let’s make your vision a reality.

Take Your Hybrid Teams Meetings & Presentation Experience Better From The Start

The Old Way

The New Way

Using our All-In-One Collaboration Solution comes with all these features and benefits:

Your Teams Can Easily Meet and Interact With Remote Participants, Share content, Brainstorm Together, And Get More Work Done Faster At Your Workplaces

Effortlessly share your presentations from your laptops, mobiles, tablets, or iPads seamlessly in both virtual and routine meetings making them more interactive and focused.

Enables you to share two laptop screens simultaneously enhancing your group brainstorming presentations by making them more interactive, engaging, and fostering better communication.

Allows you to add extra cameras, enabling you to capture different angles in the meeting room, enhancing the overall meeting experience.

Enables you to reserve a meeting room or schedule a meeting directly from the schedule display empowering your employees to work better, be more flexible, make better use of space, and avoid interruptions.

Facilitates brainstorming sessions with your teams using an interactive screen increasing your engagement, productivity, and collaboration.

nhances brand awareness, visitor experience, boosts revenue, and improves communication within your organization.

Allows you to quickly start your scheduled meetings with just one touch starting and joining meetings faster and more conveniently, saving you time and increasing efficiency.

You can move the kit to any room in your organization and start collaborating without to worry about the installation.

Seamlessly join popular platforms like Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, and Webex, all with the touch of a button and finally.

Enjoy up to 1080p HD video and audio ensuring crystal-clear communication and a professional, immersive experience for your meetings, events and presentations.

Impressive, isn’t it? All these features and advantages neatly packaged into a single solution kit. Quite remarkable, wouldn’t you agree?

Swap the chaos of managing multiple hardware’s, dealing with projectors, hdmi cables, traditional hardware in your meeting rooms. With our collaboration solution, you will have all these features and benefits ready to take your hybrid meetings and presentation to the next level transforming the way you work.


Are You Tired Of Dealing With Chaos And Limitations Of Your Traditional Meeting Rooms!

We understand your struggles because we’ve been there too. Countless hours wasted on trying to make technology work seamlessly, countless dollars spent on ineffective solutions, and countless moments of disappointment when your meetings fail to run smoothly.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Our hybrid video conferencing solution with Zoom Rooms will transform your meeting rooms into modern, efficient, and productive spaces in just two hours – without disrupting your current setups.


The Ultimate All-In-One Collaboration Solution and Cloud Solution with Zoom

With this Hybrid Video Conferencing AV Cart and all-in-one cloud solution with Zoom, you will now have all your hardware in one solution kit and can hold your group meetings with your teams from anywhere now:

The kit comes with:

Find Out How You Can Eliminate All These Problems At Your Workplace and Transform Any Meeting Room Into A Powerful Collaboration Meeting Room In Just 2 Hours! Guaranteed


Innovative Features of Our All in One Collaboration Solution

Seamless Wi-Fi Connection

Dual Android and Windows system on the Smart interactive display enable frictionless presentations and interactive whiteboarding via Zoom Room

Flexible and Hassle-free Deployment

Video conferencing hardware on wheels adapts easily to your organization, allowing effortless movement between meeting rooms.

Immersive Video Experience

AV Cart supports two displays from 55″ to 75″, providing an exceptional viewing experience for all audience members.

Ultra HD 4K Logitech Rally Camera

Logitech Rally camera captures up to 4K video at 30 fps, delivering stunning video quality and exceptional optical accuracy.

Crystal Clear Audio from All Angles

Logitech Rally Speakers eliminate distortion, clipping, and vibration, ensuring speech clarity at comfortable volume levels.

User-Friendly Control

Zoom Room console with a built-in iPad allows wireless meeting control from any connected device on the Wi-Fi.

Cable Management

Logitech table hub connects to Rally mics while maintaining a tidy and cable-managed setup

Noise Cancellation

Logitech Rally mics auto-level voices, suppress noise, and cancel echo for a lively and natural conversation experience

Surge Protection Extension

Large device panel with Logitech Display Hub and 6-way extension socket for streamlined administration

High-Performance Hardware

Customized Dell OptiPlex Mini Tower powers the video conferencing solution with its Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, and 256GB SSD

Reliable Power Backup

APC Smart-UPS 1500VA ensures uninterrupted meetings in case of power outages.

Unmatched Integration

Top brands’ hardware combined with the No. 1 Cloud Zoom platform offers a powerful all-in-one solution

Initially These Are The Features Your Meeting Rooms Should Be With:

  • One tap to join a meeting
  • One-click wireless proximity share
  • Wireless multi-share
  • 720p HD video and audio and 1080p for Business plan or higher
  • Supports up to 1,000 video participants, or 10,000 webinar viewers depending on your license type.
  • Unlimited Digital Signage in and out of the rooms
  • Unlimited Scheduling Displays
  • Room Management system for Business plan or higher
  • Touch interactive whiteboarding and co-annotation
  • Lighting and environmental room controls
  • Supports up to 10 controllers
  • Supports up to 3 displays
    Supports unlimited cameras in a room
  • One-click to join third-party meetings
  • Works with Appliance hardware and an open hardware ecosystem
  • Calendar integration with office 365, Google and Exchange
  • User control-friendly interface.
  • Cloud meetings recording and transcription depending on host’s license


The First Unified Communications Platform for Seamless Enterprise Experience!

  • Experience one consistent enterprise solution with Zoom Meetings, Chat, Rooms, Webinar, Phone, and more, managed through a centralized portal.
  • Switching to Zoom leads to an 85% increase in video usage, with 92% reporting performance improvement and 82% gaining greater trust and engagement.
  • Forbes Insights reveals 62% of companies use multiple video conferencing tools, but 100% of CEOs believe consolidation brings cost savings and effectiveness.
  • Zoom is recognized as a Leader in Gartner’s 2021 Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions for six consecutive years

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